Thursday, August 29, 2013

Searching for the "perfect" helmet

I wanted to document the adventure in helmets I have had with my mini melon. All I wanted was a smooth surface design, but that was not in the cards.

1. Biltwell Bonanza : size S : borrowed (too big)
2. AMX FX-95 : size S : borrowed (too big)
3. Icon Airmada : size S : borrowed (too big)
4. Bell ? (Crazy Green Tribal Thing) : size XS : too big - blessing, really - so ugly
5. Biltwell Gringo : size XS : purchased (too big - devastating!!)
6. Bell Bullitt : size XS : too big (felt just like the S with the bigger pads in it)
7. Shoei RF 1100 : size XXS : purchased THREE times before having an order complete

I went to Cycle Gear on SE Stark and they didn't have any XXS to try on, only one XS. i called every other dealer in PDX, no one else even had an XS.

A long frustrating process, but finally I have a great helmet on my head.

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